Saturday, August 4, 2012

Galaxy Note Release Pushes Through Amidst Legal Battle

Samsung will not be deterred by the ongoing massive legal battle against rival Apple in a California court by launching another potential challenger to iPhone's dominance, the Galaxy Note. The South Korean company is planning to release Galaxy Note during the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event in Germany at 29 August.

There are no other details about the planned release but the event in Germany's capital is the biggest consumer electronics trade fair in  Europe. Media reports from South Korea hinted of a possible unbreakable 5.5in touchscreen display, a much improved camera, and a faster processor for the new device.

The South Korean tech company is looking forward to the release of Galaxy Note, which is weeks ahead of the planned release of the fifth installment of Apple's iPhone. Consumers expect to hear official announcement from Apple about the release in September.

Samsung launches more phone models than its direct competitors. The Galaxy S3 was released last May when Apple was said to be planning a major product launch. Samsung planned to deliver total smartphone sales to 50.5 million units between April to June this year, a figure that nearly doubles the total iPhone sales of 26 million.

Samsung took the number one spot from Apple last year in terms of smartphone sales. The two companies are now engaged in a high profile legal case in the U.S. Apple claims that Samsung intentionally copied Apple's tablets and smartphones, infringing technology patents. Samsung fights back by saying that its products are innovations over Apple's own and that Samsung was even the primary supplier of Apple's components. Apple is suing the South Korean giant for $2.5 billion.

Analytsts predict that this patent case will greatly impact phone technology in the coming years as companies like Apple and Samsung will now start to use the courts to expand and protect their market shares.

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